Let’s take the Summer Melt Pledge


One in five low-income high school graduates who have plans to attend college never actually make it there.

Summer Melt is the phenomenon that students pay a deposit to attend a particular college, but do not matriculate to college the following fall. According to recent research, factors that contribute to this trend are: the absence of school support, confusion over paperwork, lack of guidance, and the teenage tendency to procrastinate.


This is our response.

For the first time ever, the student ambassadors and advisors at Project 88 are challenging all seniors (in the city of Houston and beyond) to take the Summer Melt Pledge! Students that take the Summer Melt Pledge are encouraged to wear our Project 88 Summer Melt Pledge wristband, as well as join our online support community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

At Project 88, we believe that in the world of education reform, peer-to-peer influence is often underestimated. Students that take the Summer Melt Pledge are encouraged to spread the pledge, and get others (at their school and in their circle of friends) to take the pledge as well.


Ready to commit to showing up? 


Step One

Take the Summer Melt Pledge


If you are a senior at your high school, take our pledge now and proudly wear your Project 88 wristband! Just fill out the form below to take the pledge and we'll send you a wristband.


Step Two

Join the online community


Our online support community will function as a peer-to-peer support group. This social platform will be a common “space” for students to discuss summer deadlines, ask questions, answer questions, and inquire about the college enrollment and matriculation process.

Studies have shown that peer mentoring, text messages, and social media are all low-cost responses that can drastically change (and even eradicate) Summer Melt!