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We encourage a “college-going” and “career-readiness” culture in underserved schools and communities because we believe that opportunity has the potential to end generational poverty.


Project Advise

In 2019, the ratio of students to counselors in Houston-area schools was 900 students for every one counselor, and many high schools had no college advisor or counselor at all. Project 88 is committed to improving this ratio! Thanks to our generous donors, Project 88 was able to provide 8 HISD schools with certified ADVISE TX college advisors for the 2018/19 school year! Our sponsored ADVISE TX advisors complete a six-week practical curriculum training that focuses on college access, college admissions, financial aid, student services, diversity, community service, and professionalism.

At Project 88, we believe that “living with a community” is the best way to “serve a community,” and we are thrilled that our ADVISE TX advisors are living within their service areas and are heavily involved in the communities and schools they serve.


Project 88 is currently sponsoring eight college advisors: 


Lauren Anderson

School: Westbury High School
# of Seniors: 504
1-on-1 Interactions: 77%
Registered for SAT/ACT: 77%
College Apps Submitted: 57%


Kinsey Blackburn

School: B.F. Terry High School
# of Seniors: 456
1-on-1 Interactions: 90%
Registered for SAT/ACT: 86%
College Apps Submitted: 63%


Rodrick Hawkins

School: Sterling High School
# of Seniors: 264
1-on-1 Interactions: 100%
Registered for SAT/ACT: 67%
College Apps Submitted: 71%


Christopher Henson

School: Cypress Springs High School
# of Seniors: 748
1-on-1 Interactions: 100%
Registered for SAT/ACT: 80%
College Apps Submitted: 56%


Thomas Langford

School: Morton Ranch High School
# of Seniors: 914
1-on-1 Interactions: 93%
Registered for SAT/ACT: 37%
College Apps Submitted: 39%


Zachary Lawrence

School: Mayde Creek High School
# of Seniors: 593
1-on-1 Interactions: 100%
Registered for SAT/ACT: 55%
College Apps Submitted: 43%


Jillian Mueller

School: S.P. Waltrip High School
# of Seniors: 357
1-on-1 Interactions: 94%
Registered for SAT/ACT: 100%
College Apps Submitted: 69%


Kalena Thwaits

School: Klein Forest High School
# of Seniors: 1071
1-on-1 Interactions: 98%
Registered for SAT/ACT: 88%
College Apps Submitted: 79%


Project Explore

At Project 88, we believe that college might not be the best option for everyone. Therefore, we sponsor career advisors through a program called BridgeYear, where advisors help guide recent high school graduates through career test drives, as well as connect students to advising for community college.

At BridgeYear, students can get connected to not only community college, but vocational training and on-the-job training as well. Advisors will communicate with students through text messages, because we all know that this is the preferred method of communication for teenagers and young adults that are growing up today! Advisors at BridgeYear are recent graduates themselves, so BridgeYear advisors are quick to build trust and relationships with the students they serve. Through the BridgeYear program, students are able to EXPLORE careers and “test-drive” various industries before enrolling at community college or beginning a training program.

We believe that four-year institutions might not be for all students, thus trade programs can be a great way for students to take on less debt after college and achieve financial independence.


Project Achieve

As part of our Project Achieve, we provide wrap-around support for high-achieving EMERGE students that are destined for the nation’s top-tier colleges. Oftentimes, the obstacles that prevent students from matriculating to out-of-state colleges are modest. Things like health insurance, luggage, or even plane tickets are often enough to put a student out, and thus the student will fail to show up for college. At Project 88, we believe that a $500 expense should never prevent a student from an Ivy League degree, thus we provide EMERGE with extra funding so that students matriculating to college can travel safely, with the services and materials they need to flourish.

We also are the proud sponsors of the upcoming “Houston Squad Event” for EMERGE Fellows. Recent studies have shown that when students have a community to matriculate to college with, they do better. Thus, at the first annual “Houston Squad Event,” students will meet other Houstonians that are going to their same college, and this will provide an opportunity for students to book flights together, travel together, and help each other out with the registration and travel process. Leaving your state for the first time and boarding a plane alone can be scary. However, when students are able to travel with a group of “new friends,” the process of enrollment and travel is much more successful.

Likewise, the success of our Houston students at college is highly dependent on the success of the relationships our children build, and this unique “Houston Squad Event” will give out-of-state applicants an opportunity to meet each other and connect before the big move!

Project Connect

At the very foundation of our mission is our desire to connect students to opportunity. Through our College Advisors, BridgeYear mentors, and EMERGE events, we are able to connect underserved students to various opportunities, in hopes that these opportunities can help end generational poverty in their family, the city of Houston, and beyond!

As a result, we do fund smaller college access programs and wrap-around services that help better connect our underserved Houston students. Programs that we have given smaller grants to in the past include but are not limited to:

  • The Young Owls Leadership Program at Rice University
  • ProUnitas
  • SWAG to College
  • OneGoal
  • Summer Success Programs


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